Sunday, May 4, 2014

sporty outfits Pink Fusion hunt and more

Some clothes again from the Pink fusion Hunt. The cropped top and sweater from Nerd Monkey from the hunt.  I combined it with the grey sweater pants. On the last pictures you see the total sweater outfit. Free on marketplace in grey and beige. You get the outfit with the sneakers. Thanks Soraya who told me about it! Nic wears a water bottle, a gift at Frisland. You can get a backpack at Frisland. Click that backpack and you get the waterbottle. The 8ball key holder (Garage) and the i-pod keyholder ( from Bukka)and the necklace coin pouch(SHI) are all from my inventory. Shorts and top on the second picture are from LOULOU&Co from the Pink Fusion Hunt.
My underwear is from Edelweiss. Many years in the lucky chair. But the shop is changed and no lucky chair there anymore but you can still buy the underwear.

Cropped top and sweater: .::[NerdMonkey] -  [Crop Sweater & tank top]::. (5ld)
Shorts and top: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Outfit :: GALATEA :: (5ld)
Sweater set and sneakers: DC - DC sporty outfit (free)
Water bottle: welcomes gift at Frisland touch the free  backpack (free)
From inventory:Phone - no Cabide; 8ball - key holder (Garage); i-pod keyholder - Bukka; necklace  coin pouch - Shi; hair chemistry; bracelets- mandala
Pictures made at Frisland

Bye bye, nic

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