Wednesday, May 14, 2014

about dresses,shoes and hair

Hello fashionista's nice dresses for you. To begin with the pink one with flowers . It is the hunt gift from Leri Miles Design for the Pink Fusion Hunt. Hint: Search the wishlist in the shop.The second dress is from Beautiful Dangerous, also a hunt gift. Hint in a far corner behind a chair. The third dress is the mothersday groupgift from Just Darling. Then about the shoes. The sandals are the latest groupgift from Pure Poison. AND WAKE UP: group join is now free. You can get so many nice old groupgifts! The high heels are a gift at Alb Dream Fashion. Go upstairs and in the part with shoes you will find them between the normal prized shoes.
The hair with ribbon is from Truth for Collabor88. You can wear the hair with and without the ribbon. In the hud for the color of the hair is also the ribbon color changer.
The next two hairs are new gifts from little.bones. Go to the mainshop to get them.

Dress1: Leri Miles Designs - LMD Marlene Dress Blush(Pink Fusion Hunt 5ld)
Dress2: BD - ! BD ! Emma (2ld)
Dress3: ::Just Darling:: - ::Just Darling:: Cherish Dress (Happy Mother's Day)(free)
Sandals: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Tina Sandals  (free)
Heels: Alb - ALB SHANINI heel sandals leo 3 by AnaLee Balut (free)
Hair1: Truth for Collabor88 - TRUTH HAIR Thelma -
Hair2: little bones -little bones. Apple - GIFT(free)
Hair3: little bones - little bones. Les Garcons - GIFT (free)
From inventory: bag - U.f.o; Scarf- Izzie's
Bye bye, Nic

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