Saturday, May 10, 2014

may flowers for mom's day

This is great new's!!!!!!. Tomorrow for mom's day i found and arranged some super deals for you. It started with the red gown from Paisley Daisy. Joeylin told me the gown is out on mom's day totally free for just one day!!!! Then i dived in my inventory for jewelry to go with the gown. I stumbled upon the dress with jewelry made by Designer Enchanted for TGA/ Paris Fashion/ Vendome jewelry. I asked Designer if she also could put her dress as a present for mom's day and she will do so and not just for one day but ten days. Isn't this great!!!?
Then the shoes. I dived again in my inventory and thought the ruffle shoes from BSD should be great with both gowns. BabyChampagne the designer was online and i wrote her with the same question. Can you do them  on mom's day in sale. And yeah again an agreement. She will put them for 10ld  and all other colors 50% off. It's a great deal because the shoes are gorgeous and most of the time expensive. I hope you all see this post in time and don't forget to go get all in time tomorrow. And for the shoes already today!!

Oh and now i have to show you the paisley daisy gown as it is ment to be. I was taking pictures from the gown not with my advanced light on. Using advanced light and normal sl windlight you get a totally other gown. Windlight matters since the dress is a light effects dress. I didn't know that this morning. And it is good to inform you about it so you will get the good light effect of the dress. Sorry Joeylin for my mistake. The gown is a beauty.

Oh and look behind Nic. The furniture and carpet is from Pixel mode, from Tya Fallingbridge out at Fameshed this month. Showed this set before, but now you can see it even better.

Super thanks to Joeylin from Paisley Daisy, Designer Enchanted from Paris Fashion and BabyChampagne Sass from BSD Design Studio for their generous deals. You are all great girls!!!
This post i also dedicate to the Fab free challenge from this month. The theme is may flower's. And Nic burns like a hot flower in may in my opinion.

Red gown: Paisley Daisy - Paisley Daisy - Hourglass - Red Delicious Gown Mother's day gift (free for 1 day)
Flower gown with jewelry: Paris Fashion - VENDOME Jewelry rose of summer final (free tomorrow for 10days)
Shoes - BSD - {{BSD Desigin studio}}Supermodel Ruffle love-rose (red 10ld  and other colors 50% off/ then again normal prize ) (out already now outside the shop!!!!!)
Pictures made at Miu Island

Bye bye, Nic

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