Friday, October 14, 2016

Santa Muerte....the day of the dead...

This day (14th of october) for me has to do with death in rl. So may be it isn't a coincidence at all that i found the day of dead styled items from Silvery K at The Seasons Story. 

Santa Muerte is a revered sacred figure in Mexico. Santa Muerte can be simply a representation of folkloric-religious reinterpretation of the practice of the Roman Catholic Church to pray to receive a death in the state of grace. Santa Muerte statues are made of red, white, green and black, for love, luck, financial success and protection. Offerings to Santa Muerte include roses, marijuana, cigarettes, fruit, sweets and tequila. Shrines in honor of Santa Muerte are adorned with red roses, cigarettes and bottles of tequila, and candles burn in worship.

The decor in which Nic is standing is in this mexican style... It's halloween time and i like it that Silvery K made these special  items for The Seasons Story. Halloween time is full with skeletons and macabre decors. Much in black purple and orange. Because sl is overloaded with that, i didn't want to make halloween styled posts on the blog. But this is different and i like this colorful set very much. They are all in a gacha. The  candles with orange flowers and white pumpkins are a gift.

Nic is the opposition of the colorful surrounding in her beige and white outfit from M*Motion., the new groupgift. There is also a halloween groupgift at M*Motion, have a look in the mainshop. The necklace is from !IT!. You get  this one at the new round of Color me Project. It is the maple pumpkin pie round there.This means many autumn colors. Nic's hair is from pr!tty. The bag is an old groupgift from Legendair. I joined the group when there was a free group join. There is a new groupgift outfit since yesterday at Legendair.. Heels from Reign again.

Outfit: M*Motion - M*Motion C16-09 Off Shoulder Sweater+Skirt (free)
Tote: LEGENDAIRE - LEGENDAIRE FUNKY TOTE (gg/free/ but groupjoin fee)
Hair: pr!tty - pr!tty - Yeemi - [Essentials] ( old gift from the openingshunt at Lakewood Haven) 
Heels: REIGN - REIGN  Estee heels 
Necklace: !IT! at CMP - !IT! - Arabesque Set 7 (50% off)

Table/ chair/ pendantlight/ flowerlantern, cushion /lamp/vase with plant and more: *:..Silvery K..:* at TSS - *:..Silvery K..:* Sweet October Gacha
White pumpkin candles: *:..Silvery K..:*at TSS - *:..Silvery K..:*White Pumpkin*TSS GIFT* (free)
Mirrors: MadPea - MadPea Broken Mirror ( With and without text) (1ld  at friday every week a dollarbie)
From inventory: Little Oasis - unKindness
Bye bye, Nic

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