Monday, October 17, 2016

falling leaves ( Seasons Story presents)

Falling leaves around her. Nic as a role-play angel with cute wings on her back. I love the new released dress from UNA. The skirt part is transparent. the pantie is Nic's Maitreya pantie. Nic is showing you again some presents from the Seasons Story anniversary. The hair piece from Astralia, the choker and bracelet from Bauhaus, the cart from  from Belle Epoque, the pumpkins from (+LunaRosarie+), earring from Brooke, skull ring from Delirium Style ( already blogged in the post before this one), a mouthpiece with tiny lantern from Naminoke, angel wings from evermore ( in pink and blue... i recolored them),the black anklet from insanya and the pose on the first two pictures. We are spoiled.
Last but not least the new groupgift shoes from H@s. Group join is just 10ld. But there are still other groupgifts there too. You can see the very good quality of the shoes at the close-up.
In the shop ( walk to the backside) is an applebob. In it two sexy dresses for Halloween(see below)

Dress: :::UNA::: at Tres Chic (oktober round/ start 17th 12 pm SLT) - :::UNA::: - Dulcineia Corset Black (NEW)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Pumpkins Group Gift ( free/ group join 10ld)

From the Seasons Story:
Headpice: Astralia at TSS - Astralia - TSS gift <3 (free)
Choker and bracelet: (Bauhaus Movement ) at TSS - *(Bauhaus Movement ) - Natacha *TSS GIFT*(free)
Angel wings: Evermore - Evermore - Tenshi no Tsubasa (MID) *TSS GIFT*(free)
Mouthpiece: *NAMINOKE* at TSS - *NAMINOKE*MOMIJI with Lantern *TSS GIFT*(free)
Skull ring: :: D-Style at TSS - :: D-Style - Demon Skull Ring w.HUD :: (Unisex)(free)
Anklet: (Insanya)  at TSS- *(Insanya) - GetLucky Anklet *TSS GIFT* 4 sorts (free)

Pumpkins: (+LunaRosarie+) at TSS - (+LunaRosarie+) - *TSS GIFT*(free)
Garden cart: Belle Epoque at TSS  - *Belle Epoque  *TSS GIFT* (free)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira (50ld / still in the shop!))
Bye bye, Nic
Apple bob prize H@s

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