Monday, October 31, 2016

feeling wicked the day after

At the day after Halloween Nic is still  at the Manson~Crowley Hall. Inspecting the pictures of the family and the library. She is wearing a beautiful dress from Wicked for the Black Widow hunt Oct 30 – Nov 30. The first Black Widow Hunt was quite a few years ago but it was very successful due to the fact that most of the gifts were black and/or spooky or edgy. This one will be no exception! You need find a bottle with a spider on it. Every hunt items is 2ld. It's a female hunt. May be some items are unisex.The hunt is laid out in 5 paths of 13 stores each so that you can do the hunt in chunks instead of one long list.
Love this dress very much. The texture is so well made. A great present. Comes with the necklace. And Wicked has more presents. Nic is wearing her spider web stockings, a group gift from Wicked. You can see a part on the picture below. Some bats are flying around her. The bats are the halloween gift from Wicked. On the library steps are still the Halloween cakes from the day before. Nic's hair is from the lucky board at Like Design.
And i am happy with the beautiful tattoo from White~Widow from the Kinky Event.

Dress: WICKED - WICKED * Morana - Gown & Pendant ( Black widow hunt/ 2ld)
Spiderweb stockings: WICKED * - WICKED * Halloween - Stockings (free/gg)
Hair: Like Design - .:Like Design:. Romana Hair ( LB/free)
Bats: WICKED * - WICKED * Halloween - Flying Bats (free)
Tattoo: White~Widow at Kinky Event - [White~Widow] Moonlight - Black (NEW)
Cakes: R(S)W at Trunk or Treat Event  - R(S)W Halloween cupcakes ( free)
Fur rug: Mistique at Perfect10 -
From inventory: Shoes - H@s
Pictures taken at : mimmi land
Bye bye, Nic

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