Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wishing you were here...

Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Even though you're far away, you're on my mind
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here

Nic near the Stone (or.....  Wishing) Well Butterfly from Chez Moi Furniture. You can buy the well at this round of Tres Chic. Still running.Yesterday i didn't make a blogpost because i was visiting the Boho Culture Fair. It is the fifth anniversary ..and ..that means lots of gifts ofcourse. It took time to unpack and  to combine all into a nice look for the blog. But here we go.... from the Boho Culture Fair Nic is showing you : the sunglasses, nailpolish, sandals, straw in Nic's mouth, the ring, the outfit, the hair and jewelry. We are again very spoiled.
Oh and the wooden colored plant crate is also a present at the Boho Culture Fair.

Credits: Taxi to Boho Culture Fair 
Outfit: Kib Designs at BCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box- KIB Designs Nayra (free)
Necklace and earrings: Tiffany Designs*at BCF - TD Ava Jewelry Set (free)
Shoes: Slipper at BCF- Slipper - BCF 2016 Gift (free)
Hair: Fabia at BCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-FABIA Mesh Hair with multi color hud (free)
Ring: Vengeful Threads at BCF- TBCF5th- Gifts Box-Vengeful Threads (free)
Straw: =Boutique#187= at BCF- #187# Corn Spike GIFT BOX (free)
Nails:La Boheme at BCF - [LB Coquette] OMNI Set - Slink Omega Maitreya (free)
Sungasses: Petit Mort at BCF- Petit Mort Gold Lennon Round Spectacles (free)

Boho Plant Crate: Heart&Home at BCF - ~H&H~ Boho Plant Crate [B](free)
Well: CHEZ MOI at Tres Chic - *CHEZ MOI Stone well Butterfly ( adult and PG) ( nice poses) (NEW)
From inventory: corn field - Little Branch; sunflower - Lacrime dell'anima

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