Sunday, October 9, 2016

do not touch me.... no me toques

Do not touch me.. like a desperate housewife Nic is standing. It all can start so romantic and well ...That's the way it should have begun.. but it's hopeless. They quarrel and and have fights, are throwing with the dishes, the cups and more.  And the partner yells all the time...She is desperate.. but one thing she knows very good... do not touch me.
Advise for all women who are violated... put all your  strength together and stop it and say : do not touch me.. and when your partner doesn't stop then go.. you are too good for that. You never need accept violation....
"not even one more day" we close the circle of violence. Remember that violence is not only physical!

The dress from Nic  is a new release from *ZD*. Lovely one in my opinion. You can use the dress in several ways: a sheer skirt part or just the body.
The hair is from the lucky board at Blues. 4 lucky boards are there.
The poses are from marketplace from renee002 .
The wall art is made by myself. The colored ones are from Roy Liechtenstein  and the black and white photo is from Doisneau.
 If you would like to have them just IM me.

Dress: *ZD* at -*ZD* Rossi Dress (1ld)
Hair: Blues -Blues. Giselle - Reds (LB/free)
Pose 1: renee002 - Hiding face Priority 4 (5ld)
Pose 2: renee002 - Touch ( Do Not Touch me) Priority 4(5ld)
Poses changed a bit with Animare Hud.
From inventory: shoes - H@s, cups on ground, heart chair and topiaries - Kalopsia; Wall Art and photo ( free)
Pictures made in the Blues shop.
Bye bye, Nic


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