Tuesday, October 11, 2016

they hunted in Lakewood Haven...

Psst yes they hunted in Lakewood haven. The hunt is over now... but i discovered still one of the Pr!tty hairs there from the hunt on a small isle with a tree. More i don't say. It isn't the hair that Nic is wearing. That is the hair Avery. The present that i still found is the hair Mayberry  ( see picture below). Nic is in roleplay style. Always good to stimulate your fantasy. The dress is a new release from UNA fro we ,3 Roleplay. You get the dress also with a belt for the leg. Nic is wearing her Estee heels from Reign.
The arrow in Nic's hand is with poses and a bow.
The necklace with the black string is a gift at lassitude & ennui.
The bows on her back are from her inventory.

Hair: Avery and Mayberry - Lakewood Haven - pr!tty - {Hunt Gift} - [4] and [2] ( was free and still is free/ read above)
Dress with golden ( or silver pieces /not shown) : :::UNA::: - :::UNA::: Sofia. We <3 For bloggers.Una: (NEW)
The necklace with black string : lassitude & ennui - lassitude & ennui Signature necklace gold + silver (free)
Arrow in Nic's hand and poses : .::NanikA::.- .::NanikA::.Archer Poses Set mesh bow+arrows (75ld)
From inventory: Reign - Heels
Bye bye, Nic
Hair Mayberry from Pr!tty below

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