Saturday, October 8, 2016

it's so easy to break a heart....

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At first sight she is sitting relaxed in the garden. Safe behind the Victorian fences.... but the light changes as if there will be an eclipse. She is hearing crazy laughters and seeing strange things. Someone whispers: "its so easy to break a heart... its so easy to close your eyes..." There is a curse on the old house.
The fences and creepers you can find at Salem.. a macabre market & gacha gallows ( runs october)
Nic's dress you can buy in 6 possibilities. A new release is 25% off for group members

Dress: Alien Gizmo - Alien Gizmo - Scarlet Dress ASIAN (NEW/25% off for group members)
Hair - Elikatira  Elikatira  -[e] Kabrina - Exclusives( FLF/50ld/)

House: unKindness (mainshop) -uk - Concrete Jungle Gacha
Fences: unKindness at Salem - uk - Victorian Fence White - Salem (NEW)
Creepers: unKindness at Salem - uk - Wall Creepers Gacha - Salem gacha (50ld each play/NEW)
From inventory: Yard  bench - Alehandrita;
Picture is made at Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

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