Monday, September 5, 2016

i am in....

Yeah she is in.. in this barn or old shack with holes in the walls but she is standing in a nice environment, that i created for her from item that i got today... I am invited today to join the We Love To Blog group. I am in too...That means that i can pick up there all sorts of review items for bloggers. I confess, i am flattered that they invited me.
But no worries i don't stop blogging free items..i will continue that as usual. But now i have the opportunity to inform you about new releases and events. It is a bit overwhelming for me but i will sure get used to it.
Today Nic is showing you some review items: the dress, the furniture and the lights and sparkles. The bench  and the tables are from serenity style. A style with soft colors and i like it. I added the cool barrel seats from Mistique. The dress by the way is also from Mistique .
I went to country life & others and picked up cowboy hats with presents. The hair from Calico  is in one of the hats. The hay bale with a wheel is also a presents from there and guess from what shop.. again Mistique. In the barn you can see a deco doll speaker from irie's Dollhouse. I went to Irrie's mainshop and found the nautical wall art for free there.
Under the dress and also shown without dress is the  gorgeous new groupgift from Addams. This is such a sexy body and the texture has a super quality. The body comes with a color hud.
Below two small pictures click on them to see them in full size

Oh The country style event is just from 1 sept till 5 sept. SHORT TIME

Dress: Mistique - Mistique Glenis white available in 5 colors (NEW)
Body: Addams - Addams // Rebecca BodySuit // FATPACK ( free)
Hair: Calico at country 35ld event country life & others - *C* Quinn - Fatpack (free)
Necklace : !IT! - !IT! precious bond necklace set 6  (first at designer Circe now in mainshop/NEW)

Hay Bale: Mistique at 35ld event Country Life &Others
Bench chair table vase: Serenity Style at Sanarae: Serenity Style Maurisette set ( NEW)
Lights art and sparkles: [Circa] at Sanarae - [Circa] Dreamer Festival light art (NEW)
Deco doll  Speaker - irrie's Dollhouse at Lost&Found - *i { DH } Gacha! Deco Doll Speaker (august/ new/ soon in the main shop)
Nautical art board: Irrie's Dollhouse -  i { DH }Nautical Wall Cluster ( gg/free)
Barrel seat: Mistique - Mistique- Barrel seat Lilac (3 colors available) (NEW)
Pictures made at Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

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