Sunday, September 4, 2016

you have my whole heart

Autumn is coming... oh no... But although we need say goodbye to things in life we  know things will come back.

Nic is styled in autumn colors with her red hair from the Midnight Madness from this weekend. If you missed any of these gifts, the Last Chance vendors go live @ noon (12 pm SLT) on Sunday September 4th. These discounted vendors will have no gift limit, just a 12 hour time limit. So you still can be in time for this hair. The shoes are also from the Midnight Madness as well as the flowers in Nic's hair, the board with text and the grandma vintage mirror from Unkindness. The top and shorts are from the Fall Tears Hunt 2 at Wicked. You get it with the necklace. Hunt hint: sit and read a book.
The table with vase, birdhouse and the pumpkins are a gift at Chez Moi. When you don't like pumpkins. Just edit that part and make them transparant or unlink the set and take them away ( also good to have lesser prims). All is possible. 

Oh and don't forget to subscribe at Astralia and get a nice gift.

Hair: Mina MINA Hair - Neah Hair one MM ( last chance 30ld)
Shoes: LOTUS - LOTUS. Maria Peep Toes MM ( last chance 50ld)
Head band: Astralia - Astralia - Blanche headband (ORANGE) (last chance 50ld)
Board with text: unKindness - uk - My Whole Heart Wall Art ( last chance 25ld)
Grandma's vintage mirror: unKindness - uk - Grandma's Vintage Mirror [boxed] (last chance 25ld)
Outfit with necklace: Wicked - WICKED * Avery - Outfit FTH find a red leaf /1ld)
Table with vase and more: .: CHEZ MOI :. - .: CHEZ MOI :.  FallDecor Table (free)
Pictures made at: Yesterday
Bye bye, Nic

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