Monday, September 26, 2016

on her way

On monday morning she is going to skate. First a walk through the wood. Nic is at the renewed sim Hollandaise. They made it very beautiful again. Now in fairytale style.
Nic is wearing a top from La Gazza Ladra at On9. Many colors are available. The skirt is realy good for skating or sports. You can grab it for 5ld at Mag<3.B. The funky boots are from Blaraby, the new groupgift. Group join is 50ld. But there are more old groupgifts available. Nic's legwarmers are from her inventory from Monso. But still available in the shop. The skates are from a gacha from Addams. Available at marketplace. The soopascarf is still  available at Snip&Snail. Love that huge scarf. It is available in many colors and resizeable.

Shoes:[BLARABY] - [BLARABY] Funky Boots [Gift](free/ group join 50ld)
Top: La Gazza Ladra at On9 - ~LGL~ Urban Charme . (Black)( the orange one is in sale(NEW)
Skirt: Mag<3.B - Mag<3.B gift Black skirt (5ld)
Rollerskate: Addams - Addams // Skate Leash // Skin/Pink (gacha/29ld)
Scarf: Snips& Snails - Soopascarf ( blush)
From inventory: Legwarmers   Monso; hair - Lamb ( Prove it)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic

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