Sunday, September 11, 2016

join me at the last warm summer day ( Getsuga hunt)

The table is ready and it's warm enough to have breakfast outside. Nic is wearing a gown from Ever An 'Angel. It's the new groupgift.  It reminds me a bit at underwear from long ago too. So the name Sweat dreams i can understand.
On the table you see a birdcage with birds, a bottle with green poison from the hunt at the Getsuga sim. On the chair is a camo backpack. Hanging at the chair: a camera and a mace bag in orange all presents from the hunt. Also the camera around Nic's neck is from the hunt. And there are 3 nice outfits from Caboodle in the hunt ( not shown now). Twelve realy super presents. You need find a bottle. The hunt runs  from 9th of september till 16th of september. There is also a sale running at the sim. Well don't wait ....go!

Credits: taxi to Getsuga here
Dress: Ever An 'Angel - Ever An 'Angel - Sweat dreams ( free/ but group join fee)
Camera: ATTIC at GH - Getsuga Sim Hunt - #8  - ATTIC (free)
Camera on chair: ATTIC at GH -  Getsuga Sim Hunt - #9  - ATTIC (free)
Rusty birdcage: Pewpew at Getsuka - Pewpew! Hanging Rusty Bird Cage & Black Sparrows (free)
Camo bag on chair: C L A Vv - GH - Getsuga Sim Hunt - #5  - C L A Vv (free)
Mace bag: ATTIC at GH - Getsuga Sim Hunt - #7  - ATTIC (free)
Bottle with poison: MALO at GH - Getsuga Sim Hunt - #10  - MALO(free)
From inventory: Hair - Exile; eyes - LOTUS at The Crossroads ( free); Shoes - H@S ( with super color hud)
Pictures made at Getsuga
Bye bye, Nic

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