Saturday, September 17, 2016

wild wild horses.... couldn't drag me away

You know i can't let you slide through my hands....wild wild horses .....we'll ride them some day.
Text parts of this Rolling Stones song popped up in my brain, when i was making the pictures above with Nic and the horses. Such a beautiful song.

Nic is showing you a fifty linden friday item that still was in front of the Reign main shop on saturday: the platform heels. They come with a color hud with several colors. The necklace i got at the party from MEVA. The party was because of the opening of the new shop. The party is over but the gift is still there. When you are group member you also can get every day a gift at the shop.  This necklace is a gift for everyone, no group needed. Walk in opposite direction when you arrive at the landings point... i mean not to the entrance but  go outside. You see a wooden dance floor at your left hand. On the dancefloor at the left side is the present. The necklace is unisex and has a color hud. The sweater is a part of the september groupgift from WICKED. You also get heels in black/teal and earrings in black. The shorts with the waist shirt is from Miss Chelsea. Was in august new at N21, but now in the mainshop. Nic's hair is an oldie from little.bones.  In the shop are two gifts for everyone. For other gifts you need join the group

Necklace- Meva - Meva Gift Necklace Unisex with Hud (at dance floor outside/ free )
Shorts: .miss chelsea. - .miss chelsea. Effi Shorts & Shirt Blue & White
Sweater: WICKED - WICKED * Eileen - Top (Teal) part of september groupgift (free)
Horses: Just animals - Just Animals Horse package Mesh full perm
From inventory: Hair - little.bones ( old)
Pictures made at Neva River Village

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