Saturday, September 17, 2016

end of summer blues

In her little harbour Nic is in an end of summer blues mood. The blues because the summer will soon be over. She is catching may be the last warmth of the summer. Wearing her leather top on a jeans is still possible outside. For a soft cold breeze  she can wear the cardigan from Ecko.
The decor items are from Serenity Style for the new round at Tres Chic. It is the blue cart, the blankets, blue pumpkins, blue leaves on the ground and the milkcan. The butterflies are from persefona. The butterfly tattoo is from Glamorous Sin at market place.

Leather top: dafnis* - *dafnis fat pack ainoha gift group with color hud (/free/ but group join fee)
Cardigan: Ecko - .Ecko. Vinx Cardigan [Blue Anchor](new)
Butterfly tattoo - Glamorous Sin - Butterflies Tattoo 3 (Belly) 2.1 - (60ld)

Cart, leaves, pumpkins milk can and blankets: Serenity Style at Tres Chic (opens sept 17th) -- Serenity Style-Tres Chic Sept.(NEW)
From inventory: chair - Dad design ; hair - pr!tty; shoes - Shey; jeans - Blueberry, butterflies - Persefona

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