Thursday, April 14, 2016

the square stays empty.. he will not show up...

After waiting a long time she knows he will not come....he is somewhere doesn't interest him anymore...the square stays empty...he will not show's hard but that's what life is sometimes...she will get used to least that is what she tries to think...

Nic is showing you a dress from La Gazza Ladra from the new round of On9. Many colors available. It is the anniversary round from On9 and because of that there is a hunt.  At On9 you get the lm's to the shops and a hint by clicking an cupcake. In the mainshop you need find  a cupcake. From the hunt are the shoes the flowers in Nic's hand ( the flowers are originally attached to the avatars mouth) and  the golden bracelets. In another post i showed already from the hunt the dress from Rowne.
The hair is from Vanity. The flowers in her hair from the ColorMeProject ( for SLFrees&Offers group)

Dress: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ Estival Flora . (White) (NEW)
Hair: Vanity - Vanity Hair::Street Style-All Blonds Pack
Shoes: Ricielli -  Verena High Heels ( Maitreya/Slink/Belleza/ TMP) On9 Anniversary Hunt - Ricielli .Tip near the gacha's (free)
Flowers for mouth ( but in Nic's hand): Naminoke - Naminoke  On9 Anniversary Hunt Gift (free)
Bracelets: Haysuriza - Haysuriza _Bracelet_Flower  Gold On9 Anniversary Hunt ( free)
Flowers in hair: Persefona at CMP & Persefona Gift for SLF&O (free)
Pictures made at: Bay City
Bye bye, Nic

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