Thursday, April 21, 2016

lazy lifeguard

Noone on the beach or in the sea.. so she can pause for a while. The weather is sunny and she gets lazy.
From Dancer i got this tip about the towel with poses from Paradisis. You can find the present near the lifeguard post, where i made the pictures from Nic.
It was a good tip for i wanted to show you the new clothes that Nic is wearing. Sporty and good for a beach.The top is from a camp chair at Etchaflesh. There are more camp chairs there. The sweatpants are from the Midnight Mania board. Thanks helpers! The top and the pants come with a color hud. The shoes i showed before on the blog. It's the gift at Vale Koer.

Top: Etchaflesh - [Etchaflesh] Sarina LaLa Top BOXED (free/ 30 minutes camp)
Pants: Etchaflesh - [Etchaflesh] Etchaflesh Sweats BOXED (MM/free)
Towel with poses: Paradisis -Mademoiselle A - April 2016 - Animated Beach Towel Gift
From inventory: Car - Paris Metro Couture ( free/ upstairs); Lemon - Apple fall ( free)
Bye bye, Nic

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