Sunday, April 24, 2016

fly with me.. i'm your angel of the darkness and light

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With a bit a smile i look at Nic at the third picture. It reminds me of the flower fairy bookles from Cicely M. Baker. This seems to me a kind of unconcious rebirth of those pictures in a digital area.In those booklets it are just soft and nice colors  .. no angels of darkness.
About the wild rose fairy she writes: " I scent the air of June; my buds are rosy as a baby's cheek"
What sort of poetic sentences we can write about the dark angel Nic?  May be this?
"I wander around in your secret dreams...I'm the lover in your darkest  fantasies".

What are these fairy angels wearing? The dark angel wears a hunt item from Paisley Daisy. You can find it at the table near the landingspoint in the shop. The hair is from Sentinus. Wings are a gacha item  from Sweet Lies Designs. I recolored them for the angel of light. The fairy dragon is from a gacha at Hextraordinary. It's realy a super made dragon, that follows you and moves his wings and tail. ( Thanks Nadja)
The angel of light wears an old groupgift from M&M. I didn't know this one and may be i am not  the only one who didn't. So that is why i blog this beauty. M&M has many groupgifts downstairs and lucky boards upstairs. Nic's hair is a demo hair from Rezology that is wearable. You get it with a hud with more colors.  Go to Nadja's small shop ( affiliate for rezology) and get the demo hair Crow. The chain bag with poses is from IAF at marketplace. You get it with a hud for more colors.

Dark dress: Paisley Daisy - Paisley daisy - Black Satin Silver Trim Gown  red "!" hunt  item at the table near the entrance/ many hunt items there! (5ld)
Hair: Sentinus - Sentinus hair - Beatrice ( was 15ld /this one is gone but many hairs in sale still / upstairs 50ld)
Wings: Sweet Lies Designs - *SL* Tinkerbell Silver Wings - Sweet Lies Box 2 (30ld)
Fairy dragon: HEXtraordinary - 8. *HEXtraordinary* Faerie Dragon - Crystal
Pink gown: M&M - M&M-PASIFLORA DRESS MESH (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Celebrity Sandals - Multicolor
Hair: Rezology Affiliate - Rezology Crow DEMO ( wearable/free)
Bag: IAF - IAF Chain bag
Bye bye, Nic

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