Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't expect won't be disappointed...

Don't make promises to the world ..keep them to yourself...don't complain ..go out and do it yourself. Turn within... you will going to find delight...
Meditation thoughts.. the environment helps to give Nic those thoughts..

Nic is wearing a new groupgift dress from FA Creations. The band has a color hud. I choosed yellow to let it match with the cute school shoes from anc ( from a gacha). Below a close-up.. so you can see the back part of the shoe. Flattened  because of walking on the back part.  Nic's hair is from the gacha at Mina Hair. The gacha for the Gacha Guardians event.  I am wiser today and bought mine on marketplace. No disaster like in the post from yesterday. I already sold some tattoos , but there are still some nice henna tattoos and white tattoos for a good prize here.  Read the post before this one. And come to my homeplace to buy a tattoo.
The bag is from Belle Epoque. It's the bag in which you find the present from the easter gift. A notebook is the present. The is in gold the text Belle Epoque in the bag. I turned the bag.
Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC::  Kelly Dress  [Group Gift April 2016] (free)
Hair: Mina hair - Mina  Bridget Light Brown ( 100ld/gacha)
Bag: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque { Easter Gift } (free)
Shoes: anc - {anc} schoolshoes / basic : yellowline;(gacha)
Pictures taken at: Slice of Heaven
|Bye bye, Nic

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