Sunday, April 17, 2016

foolish girls (biker hunt 2, the black fashion fair and more)

The drama poses from Kokolores ( a gift) made foolish girls of us. Dancer loves drama.
Nic loves posing with her bike. We show you many gifts from the biker hunt 2, from the black fashion fair and from some shops. The motorbike is ofcourse from the Biker Hunt 2 as well as the shoes and boots from Nic and the skirt from Nic.  From the Black Fair are the dress from Dancer ( second picture) and Nic's cigaret . The bomb bag , the hanger bag and the locked up necklace are gifts at Asteroid Box.. From  Kokolores is Nic hair ( i made the pink part of the hair black) and some drama poses.
Nic's collar and the armbands are from Silvery K's gacha at The Season's Story. Dancers flat shoes are a groupgift at Baby Monkey.
More pictures below ( scroll)

First 1:
Hair: [KoKoLoReS] - [KoKoLoReS] Hair - December - VIP April 2016- (free)
Skirt: ROHA Fashion - Part of chained heat outfit Laced mini skirt Biker hunt gift(1ld)
Top: COCO - *COCO* Cropped TankTop (black) ( free)
Flat shoes: Lindy - Lindy Heidy Black-silver  Biker Hunt 2 Gifts (1ld)
Cigaret: Salt  at BFF  .Salt Smoke ( free)
Motorbike: H&C Wheels - H&C Wheels Knucklebob (1ld)
Collar and armbelt: *:..Silvery K..: at TSS - *:..Silvery K..:*DarkCGC (gacha)

Picture 2;
Dress Dancer - !TLB at BFF - !TLB - Tarah-Deco-Grey (free)
Flat shoes Dancer: Baby Monkey - BM Nena Flats Denim ( 20ld group jon/ 10ld old gifts)
Locked up Necklace: AsteroidBox - //A s t e r o i d B o x// Locked Up Necklace //  Group Gift
From inventory: Hair Dancer - **Pocket Mirrors**
Bag Nic: AsteroidBox -// A b // Hanger Clutch Bag GROUP GIFT ( recolored) (free)
Poses: [Kokolores] - [Kokolores] Drama! poses (free)

Picture 3:
Outfit Nic : CuCu Clothes - CuCu Bag! Denim Biker Outfit "Live hard - run fast"BikerHunt2(1ld)
Boots: Lindy-  Lindy Helga Black Biker Hunt 2 Gifts (1ld)
Dress Dancer: NoName - [nn] So Me Black (LB/free)
Hair with beanie: Dura - *Dura* VALENTINE G-GIFT 2015 (free/ still available)

Picture below left:
Hair Dancer: Alice Project - Julie - Lucky Brown(free/LB prize rotates)
Bag: AsteroidBox - // A b // Spikey Bag of Doom GROUP GIFT (free)
From inventory: Tattoo Nic - White Widow
Bye bye, Nic
Pictures made at Psy City
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