Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flux sur Mer

It's still cold in rl..and you can see this reflected in this blogpost. Nic is wearing a warm sweater from A gacha at Tentacio. The outfit comes with a hud for 2 grey colors from the sweater and 3 colors for the skirt part. On the sweater Nic is wearing a necklace, a present from the Black Fashion Fair. From the same Fair are the shoes from Petite Mort ( just 10ld). The warm stockings are from the camp chair at Etchaflesh. Showed them in the blog befor this one, but now i changed a color part with the hud. Nic's hair is another hair from Sentinus( with colorhud). The dog is from the Epiphany gacha from Jian ( blogged before)

Outfit: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Is snowing Sweater RARE 02. Size S. RARE
Necklace:[AiShA] at BFF- [AiShA] - Gift - Coraline necklace  Black Fashion Fair 2016(free)
Shoes: [Petite Mort] at BFF - [Petite Mort] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016 (10ld)
Stockings: [Etchaflesh] - [Etchaflesh] Pastel High Thigh Socks BOXED (free/ camp chair)
Hair: Sentinus - Sentinus - mesh Sam  hair ( 15ld)
Pictures made at: Flux sur Mer
Bye bye, Nic

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