Friday, April 1, 2016

a moment of rest

During the Ionic Spell Collective Hunt and the Gatcha Guardians Nic took a moment to relax. She needed that break badly because her nose was bleeding because of all her searching and running.
The Spell hunt runs from March 20th – April 3rd. Hmm i am a little bit late but in time to inform you. The sim is beautiful for  making pictures. So i hope the sim will be open also after the hunt. Hunt item is a a crystal ball ( each item 15ld).
I can be fast as well: i did the Gacha Guardians at the first day! Got the hud at Mina and teleported Nic to  many many shops to hit a rune stone. I hoped to get the nice hair gift from Mina finally but as i understood well later on, you only can get the special gift when you tried the gacha 10 times. Then you get a special key to get the gift. But the gacha at Mina is 100ld every hit! Too expensive for me. Read about the Gacha Guardian  here. The good thing from Nic's teleporting round was that i found a nice gift at unkindness, the always deer sign.

On picture 2 from the spell hunt:
Satchel at back: C'est la Vie - THE SPELL HUNT _ [::C'est la vie !::](15ld)
Floral spring chair: THE SPELL HUNT _ [unKindness](15ld)
Antlers: Le Poppycock - sakura antlers and petals THE SPELL HUNT _ [Le Poppycock](15ld)
Nosebleeding mask: THE SPELL HUNT _ Mikunch (15ld)

Always deer sign: Unkindness- uK - Always Deer Hanging Art
Nic wears:
Shoes: BSD- {{BSD Design studio}}golden heels angels-blue ( free in info and notices of the group)
Blouse: LGL - ~LGL~ Winter Adieu . (Blue) Sleeveless blouse (NEW)
Jeans: TBO - .:TBO:. Kim BoHo pants (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - elikatira ( Dylan); blue bag- Moon (old gacha item)
The chair is so super to show shoes, that i want show you more poses. See below
Cloth covered old chair: Hakei
Bye bye, Nic
click small pictures to enlarge

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