Monday, June 23, 2014

under the sea... what will you be

Protector of the Great Barrier Reef. Yes that is what i want to be. The Fab Free challenge of this month has the theme: What will you be under the sea. Something in the post has to be totally free. It is Nic's trident. The corals with which i made Nic's sort of bikini is from OrisniRed. It is in fact  made as a very beautiful head piece. But i thought you can do more with it.
The deep sea environment i created at my homeplace Lovina. Lovina is a place at Bali (Indonesia). I was there some years ago and it was beautiful there under the sea. I could stay there for hours enjoying the beauty of the under sea world. That is why i called my homeplace in sl Lovina. I created there my own underwater world. But it is a pity i don't have enough prims to build all what i want. So this year no under water world. But enough items in my inventory to make my pictures today. I love my corals and the jelly fish and  sea turtles. And i know in rl this under water world  is very vulnerable. Vunerable for pollution and coral dies when you touch it.We dump so many plastics that there are isles of plastic in the ocean. Terrible!

So!!! What better answer is possible on the question "what will you be under the sea": protector of all the beauty in the water. The trident is the symbol of the god Poseidon. The god of the sea in old stories. I don't want to be a goddess, but just let me do the task of Poseidon.

Trident: Affinity Boutique - ** Taliesins Tails**Animated trident! Gift (wear the trident and you have a simple swim animation/free)
Outfit: OrisiniRed at the Summer Fashion Festival - made of headpieces
From inventory: Hair - Truth

Bye bye, Nic

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