Friday, June 6, 2014

MOH4 hunt part5 at home

Again something MOH4 hunt. Tjip shows a set from SwaggedOut and sunglasses from Utopia . He is standing near the new lounge chair from Nicandra. Already posted about the lounger in a post before this one. But now you can see more accessssories from the Cleo Design items, that she bought at the garden market for the birthday of The Cookie Jar. The picknick basket, wine bottle, plates, thermos, the radio, coffee cup and paper glasses. They were included in the box from the canoe from Cleo Design (10ld).
Behind Nic you can see fenches in more colores wood. You can change the sizes.
Nic wears a new released set from FA Creations. You get a hud for 8 color combinations.

Outfit: SwaggedOut - SwaggedOut - Donned Outfit (MOH4/free)
Sun glasses: Utopia -UtopiaH- Oblivion Sunglasses (wear me)
Jumpsuit: FA Creations  - ::FAC:: NEW RELEASE Talia Jumpsuit (NEW)
Lounger: Cleo Design -CLEO DESIGN-GARDEN LOUNGE (10ld)
Fences: Pomponne -  Lattice fence<5SET> (10ld)
Accessories:  Cleo Design - CLEO DESIGN-CANOE (10ld)
From inventory: Hair Nic - Taketomi;

Bye bye, Nic

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