Monday, June 2, 2014

MOH4 Hunt part 1 seaside

Today i did  the men only hunt (MOH4) Yes from startpoint till the end!!The hunt runs from June 1st - till June 15th 2014. The hunt item is a glass of cool beer. Sometimes not easy to find. But on the road other males helped me. I show you a tanktop from ::K:: , shorts from Arise, a anchor  bracelet from etham and slip ons from Shey. Because hunting is a sport no exact tips. The hints and slurls you find here.
Tjip wears hair from A&A from the Midnight Mania at The Discreet Waters mall. Today other hair in the midnight mania there. But this one sometimes return in the MM.

Hair:  A&A at the DWM - A&A Anderson Hair Dark Copper (free)
Top: ::K::  - ::K:: My Daily Tank Top Heather Gray (MOH4 /free)
Shorts: Arise - MOH4 - .ARISE. Sum Shorts (MOH4/free)
Slip ons: Shey - part of MOH4 - Hunt Object (SHEY)(MOH4/free)
Bracelet: etham - etham - Anchor Bracelet (MOH4/free)
Shades on shirt: ~Nadia~ ~Nadia~ Biker Shades
Puppet on shoulder: Scars - ...Scars...MJ Billie Jean [HIStory Tour .ver] (free)
Sunglasses: Nicclas Design - Part of Nicclas Design - Out Male 51
From inventroy: Necklace - SZD; sweater over shoulder - Coco
Pictures made at: Baja Norte

Bye bye, Nic

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