Friday, June 13, 2014

sun and fun hunt part 4... yes i found it

The sun and fun hunt is a huge hunt. You can pick up 106 presents. I hunted and hunted and you won't belief it but what i searched for was 106. I had seen a picture of the clothes from Nic somewhere, but couldn't find out from what shop they were. So i had to do the whole hunt to find out . pfffff. See the list with hints for all the slurls. You get the dresses ( in three colors) and the bag. You also get hair, skin and a shape and eyes ( not shown here)
I also didn't have the landmark from the Elegant Environs shop. But doing the whole hunt i can tell you it is nr.018  from the list. You get the nice high beach table two chairs the radio and a lantern. You can see it all on the pictures. The yellow loungers and umbrella are from Darkmatter nr. 093.
Nic wears the new subscribe-o-matic gift from ieQED. It comes with an hud to change colors of different parts. The shoes are from a hunt at miss. Canning. Go upstairs in the corner.

Dresses, bag and more: Vips Corner Creations  - SFH #106 - Vips Creations 9free)
High table and chairs and mor: Elegant Environs - SFH #018 - ELEGANT ENVIRONS (free)
Yellow loungers and umbrella: Darkmatter - SFH #093 - Darkmatter (free)
Shoes: Miss Canning - #01 TPBH - :: Miss Canning :: (free)
Shades: ieQED -  ieQED ace.shades.yellow (free)
Pictures made at my home location ( watch in the water the canoe from Cleo Design at The Cookie Jar birthday)

Bye bye, Nic

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