Saturday, June 7, 2014

The sun and fun hunt part 1 camping

Again a nice hunt. The sun and fun hunt. From 1 june till 30june 2014. You need find a small picture of a sun. Nic shows you the cute bikini from Sassy, the earrings from WTB and the sandals from Shoenique.
There are also male sandals in the gift.  I wanted to wear them  but hmmm hair on my! No way!
To make a camp i took an old very beloved puptent. Watch the cute bike at the back of the tent. I got the tent long time ago and i am happy to discover it is still available. It is from Rags to Riches. Many more nice freebies there and you can change all.
Nic's nice hair is from Catwa. It has several attachments for a bit wild hairs near the face. You get two hair styles.

More nice stuff from the hunt in the next post.

Puptent: Rags to Riches - Hobo Puptent (free)
Bikini: Sassy! - ~Sassy!~ Sun & Fun bikini set (free)
Shoes:  Shoenique - SFH #024 - Shoenique/Unique Designs
Earrings: WTB - WTB * CIRCLES-4G-13P_ earrings (free)
Hair: Catwa - CATWA FLEXI Kim [5]
Pictures made at: Fairyland

Bye bye, Nic


Anonymous said...

That is the cutest little biking ..i have seen in a while....
Just have to have it !
Thank you Nic for posting it

Nicandra Laval said...

i am happy to read you like it A. And always nice to read people appreciate the things in my blogpost. Psst in the post from today ( 11-6-2014 ) is another free antic bike
greetings Nic

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