Wednesday, June 4, 2014

three years old The Cookie Jar

Another post then i normally do. It is because i heard of this celebration of The Cookie Jar. They do a hunt from 2 june till 23 june 2014. Featuring home and garden creators from around the grid. Hunt items are 1ld. From Cleo Design you get the marine bench and the cupboard! The other items from Cleo Design are in the sales garden. All items 10ld.

I rezzed today all on my homeplace and discovered that you get so many nice parts. The canoe comes for example with a picknick basket, wine, plates and fork a radio, blanket for camping, thermos can. realy super made all.
The lounger come with nice props. You get a cup of coffee with lips for women and a moustache for men. very cute!

Tp to sales garden here >>>here
Tp to free items >>>here
Happy hunting!
Bye bye, Nic

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