Thursday, June 19, 2014

i am home... my holiday has begun

Two weeks free time started today for me. Good feeling and may be lots of time to make sl posts too. You see Nic on am holiday spot. She arrived on her scooter from 19MC. Already long time in my inventory. Longtime i missed all sorts of things in my inventory but all is back now.
Nic wears a dress  from Demise of Flight. It is the subscribe-o-matic gift. Dancer told me about the dress yesterday and i was happy because i just got the blue train bag from Pure Poison at the gatcha machine at The Arcade and wanted to wear the bag with something blue. You can also grab two tattoo's in the Demise of Fight shop.
Later on ready to lay on the hammock. First she sprays her body with a fresh water mist from the bottle with fan. Found  the bottle at the sun and fun hunt. Nic's bikini top is from Holli Pocket ( for the sun and fun hunt). The umbrella and crocket set are from Pixel Mode at The Arcade (showed before here). The long skirt is from Sn@tch at the Cart Sale at The Wash.

Dress: Demise of Flight - ** Demise of Flight : June July 2014 Subscriber Gift 1 (free)
Bag: Pure Poison at The Arcade - Pure Poison - Train Bag - Blue (50ld)
Shoes: Pure Poison  at the Arcade -Pure Poison - Frills Sandals - Black (50ld)
Long skirt: Sn@tch at The cart Sale event -  :::Sn@tch Mesh Elena Outfit::: (10ld)
Blue top: Holli Pocket - *HolliPocket* Summer Flys-Light Seaspray #021 SFH (free)
Mist bottle : KI Amusement Rides - SFH #091 - Mist bottle (free)
From inventory: Scooter - 19MC; Hair - Dura.
Pictures made at: Club Road 

Bye bye, Nic

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