Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the woman roof fighter

Nic was so happy to find this free chinese orange overall. Now she could go to her favorite place for making japanese or chinese style pictures. First she wanted to go to a nice place to fight with dragons, but the place was gone. But then in this sim she changed her dragon fighter idea in roof fighter. And isn't she beautiful as roof fighter?
For fighting she had a nice set with a katana ( sword) in her inventory. It was included with a full-avatar from Abyss. Bought some years ago. Had lots of fun with it.

Overall: Magec -  GIFT [MAGEC] SAFARI overall ( free)
Bracelet and necklace  made by June Bamaisin ( shop gone )
From Inventory: Hair - Exile; shoes - Gabriel

Have fun, Nic


Mayala Loon said...

I can understand why to fight some dangerous dragon, but what has the poor roof done to deserve fighting? ... or was it because climbing a steep roof in high heels is so difficult? ... *grins* ...
cute pics tho, I also love playing with a sword ;-)

Nicandra Laval said...

haha you so funny Mayala!!!!! No she just practise her kung fu jumps and landed with her high heels on the roof ))) ..what happened afterwards i didn't show ;)

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