Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brighton pier

Nic  is walking on the pier in her ( not mesh) skirt from the Swimming Pool Blues hunt. The hunt started 15th of august and ends august the 31th. There are furniture items in it but also clothings and make up. I probably will show you more. You need find a sea blue flat box. Tip for this skirt is: behind the counter.Easy to find!The skirt is a high waist skirt. In my combination with the groupgift top from Tokid, you can see just a part of it. Combinining the skirt with a black top would be great too. But i loved to show you the Tokid top. The bag was from a hunt at R.icielli ( showed it before some time ago).

Later on when more clouds came. Nic changed her outfit. The leather pants is from the same hunt.Tip : near the stairs in the shop. The top with cardigan is a groupgift from NCparis. and ofcourse then she wanted combine it with her camera bag from Tee*fy.
Wow so much  aqua today!

Can she trust that  donkey?

Skirt: Peqe - Peqe - SPB hunt gift ( 5ld)
Top: Tokid: (TokiD) - (TokiD) group gift (August 3)( free/ group join fee)
Bag: Tee*fy -Tee*fy Toy Cam-Mera Bag Baby Pink
Flats: ::LiNe:::  - :::LiNe::: Smile Flats/Baby Blue
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair - Browns Pack
Pants: 22769  - 22769 ~casual couture for Swimming Pool Blue Hunt (5ld)
Clutch: !Duh - ::Duh!:: Little Leather Clutches - Berry and Turquoise (20ld)
Cardigan with shirt: NCparis- Name -NCparis Cardigan ( free)
From inventory: Bag- R.icielli

Have a beautiful day, Nic

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Mayala Loon said...

give the donkey a carrot and it will be a true friend ;-) ...
How I'd love to spend a day (and quite some money) in Brighton on a day like this ;-)
I did that as a teen and loved it ... I sure will do it again one day ;-)
tho I will prolly not look as good as you ...

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