Monday, August 20, 2012

dead end story

Dead end sounds depressive. And it is. It is a dark roleplay sim. Interesting to look around. Nic had to visit someone in the asylum. First waited smoking outside. But when time passed by she had  no patience any longer. So as you see she climbed over the fench. But ...

But no that is just a story: Nic just did go there to make pictures from her baggy jeans. She already wanted to show it some time, but now was the moment because she had this super fench with animations. Cool isn't it? Problem is you can't rezz such a thing everywhere and she wanted to place it in a dark city environment. And yes in Dead End she could rezz it. The streatwear she completed with a hoodie ofcourse. This one is a groupgift from PopTart. It is the male gift. Nic likes oversized sweaters to feel relaxed. And a golden oldie from her inventory as i promised to show you sometimes: the SOREAL superstars. Huge fan of these shoes i am  already long time. That quality is so fantastic!

But the story goes on: Near the entrance of that scary asylum she felt anxious. At the entrance desk she saw a nasty person. So she didn't dare to go inside. So better wait outside hanging against the wall and smoking again.

But no that was just the story. I wanted to make this picture  to show you another golden oldie, the sport outfit. ( but i am so sorry it isn't available anymore). I even wrote the designer. It was from F.A.T Designz. I think the creator Henric Fride isn't in sl anymore.

Hehe, no it was me behind the desk.. very nasty person??

SOREAL superstars: Soreal - SOREAL Superstars YELLOW/Black  and RED/White
Fench: HIS- HIS fence
Poses: His -emoLeans II [boxed]
Pants: Tecnopot Botha - Jeans (jing Jang
Hoodie: {PopTart} - {PopTart} Bad Monster Male Hoodie GROUP GIFT (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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