Saturday, August 4, 2012


In a hotel near Central Park New York Nic enjoys her vacation. Checked in after a long trip from Holland by plane. And then in the evening she is walking in Central Park.

Vacation pictures made for the people back home in Holland. She feels as if she is sitting in movies as "Falling in love" or "Serendipity" that she watched home at Christmas time. The time they show such movies on tv in Holland.
Nic wears gold/yellow colors, because Jonquil (color named after a flower: the Narcissus Joquilla) is the color of this week in the 52weeks of ColorChalenge. The pants from LeRazz has that color in it in my opinion.The ruffled top is from Echo and under it a tanktop from Jane. Soleil nails from pulcino.

Pants: LeRazz - [LeRazz] Billie Pants - Lakme (Rigged Mesh) ( 99ld)
Ruffled top: Echo - [Echo] Exposition Sleeveless Blouse. Yellow
From inventory: Nails - pulcino ( showed before on this blog); shoes - Gabriël; Hair - Catwa

Bye bye, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

ooooh very sex and the city chic wandering around central park... Love that first picture it's kinda romantic! Gorgeous look on a gorgeous lady... *hugs*

Ygrey Auer said...

Carrie :)
Nice pics, I love your jonquil choice.

Mayala Loon said...

oh ... I love your pics ... you just made me wanna do a nice city trip ;-)

Anichka Savira said...

So sophisticated and beautiful, you always look so classy, Nic.

Laila Laperriere said...

I hope Nic enjoyed her vacay in NYC! Last pic was my fav, I love the beautiful lighting and SHOES!! xoxo

YvetteDonner said...

I hope you had a nice vacation in New York. I agree with Laila, I really love the mood you set in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done as always :)

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