Friday, August 17, 2012

day at the beach

Nic picked up  a bikini and a dress ( each just 10ld) at The Wash. A market where everything on the carts costs just 10ld. Don't know how long that market will be there. So go and get what you want. I also picked up a nice skin. I will show you the skin later. Nic relaxed at the beach first with her new ball and then with a delicious chocobar. And oh boy noooooo then she did her lipstick. Necessary on the beach? And oh no not here .. sl on the beach on your laptop. You realy are addicted!!  ;)  The cute laptop is included in the beach towel. And there are more nice animations in it. The beachball, the chocobar  and the lipstick ( all with animations)  as well as Nic's straw bag  she got  at a shop with funny stuff. The bag was  5ld in the gacha machine there. The other stuff was free.

Dress: 1 hundred at the Wash  -1 Hundred. Spring Breeze. Pink & Blue (10ld)
Bikini: 1 hundred - 1 Hundred. Playful Panties. Raspberry (10ld)
Beach towel: what next - {what next} Island Beach Towel
Beachball - [M*G*S] - [M*G*S] Beach Ball ( free)
Chocobar - [M*G*S] - [M*G*S] Ippon manzoku set ( free)
Lipstick: [M*G*S] - [M*G*S] - Makeup Lipstick ( free)
Bag: [M*G*S] - [M*G*S] Straw bag rainbow Gacha Yellow&blue ( 5ld)

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Sorraya said...

boa das war aber viel zu schauen,
nun weiß ich was du meinst heute früh .
diese eine tasche phyton ist ja unglaublich .die ist ja wie diese in rl was ich so toll finde .
ich hoffe ich seh dich online .muss ich unbedingt haben und zusammen gehen holen :-))))

so super outfits ,da komme ich mir richtig altmodisch vor
kann man nicht mehr topen diese outfits ...super klasse gemacht
eine schönes WE maus:-)

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