Sunday, August 12, 2012

after a long day at the beach

You know this feeling? After a long day at the beach when the sun is  going down. You get a little bit cold and you are tired. You pull out of your basket some vest. Totally not fitting to what you wear. But it is ok: you are getting warm again. Then suddenly the idea pops up: "hey there is a cinema near the beach. Lets go". And there Nic walks in a nice dress for an evening at the cinema  but still wearing the non fitting vest because the wind is still making her cold. This came in my mind when i got this outfit. :). It is a bit a pity that i can't wear the skirt and top without the vest. I will ask the designer to make that possibility too. Because both the skirt and top and the vest apart are super. The skirt you already can buy apart. And the green cardigan with a green tank also.

Outfit: Paisley daisy - joeys mesh green cardigan,tank and black ruffle skirt
From inventory: Hair - Analaog Dog; Shoes - Maitreya
Pictures made at : Carolina's Beach

And i was to the beach today in rl,  drank Mojito in the evening sun, Byeeee, Nic

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