Saturday, August 25, 2012

road closed

Even in an elegant dress you can get stuck on your way: Road closed. But the nice dress made by Barbarella Portland (other name Designer Enchanted) makes the waiting a pleasure. Feel so elegant in this dress. Love the form and the beautiful texture. Very luxurious feeling it gives. The dress is full perm and a promo in the shop at the moment.

The hair is from LoQ. An updo with knot. Love it. Nice to show earrings.

The jewelry that Nic wears is from a new brand called: Vendome Jewelry. On the first pictures i show you a necklace, earrings, a bracelet and a ring from the Victoriana Silver set. The Vendome shop has very luxurious jewelry. There is a beautiful openingsgift. I show it on the picture below. It is the hairbrooch.The last picture shows you the mens brooch openingsgift

Dress: TGA Designer - TGA Designer Draped Dress ( full perm  promo 500ld)
Jewelry first pictures: Vendome Jewelry - *VJ Victoriana Silver
Hair: Loq - "LoQ Hair" Baileys Brown Pack
Hairbrooch - Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME JEWELRY STORE OPENING GIFT WOMEN ( free)
Brooch for men: Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME JEWELRY STORE OPENING GIFT MEN ( free)

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