Monday, March 6, 2017

may i invite you

You are welcome. Come in my shack and relax.
In the morning she is watering the cannabis plants near the river. In the heath of the day you can find her near the shack. Arabian nights will come.

Nic is wearing a nice long elegant dress from ::UNA:: from the We<3 Roleplay event (is running at the moment). She is using some accessories in soft orange  and gold to complete her outfit. The underwear is gift for the SLFrees&Offers group from DanemarkZ. The necklace is from !IT! at the Avenue Event. On her forehead an headpiece from Truth from Nic's inventory from the hair Ishya Bangles from Zaara. Shoes from H@s.
Nic is standing near a beach shack from Zaara. The canabis plants are from 7mad;Ravens.

Dress: ::Una:: at We<3Roleplay- ::Una:: Cleo white (NEW)
Necklace: !IT! at The Avenue - !IT! Shania necklace The Avenue
Lingerie: DanemarkZ - DMZ - Avalon Lingerie SLFO group gift (free)
Head piece - Truth- part of Truth hair Ishya
From inventory: Shoes- H@s ; bracelets- Zaara ( old gift); Hair - MINA hair (Selenia); Cannabis plants- 7mad;Ravens
Pictures taken near the Zaara shop
Bye bye, Nic

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