Friday, March 3, 2017


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MakyaHopi (echnatonii) and Robert Galaxy (indgig.deka), the indian and the one who is the protector of the law at the sim Mexico Sonora, welcomed me today so heartwarming friendly. They even guided me to the barber shop. Although Makya was afraid that they should cut off his long hair there. Nic was feeling very protected by those friendly men. I explained that i was looking for someone to give me permission to rezz buildings there for  my blog  and i got permission. Robert also invited the sim owner, Manto (mhe.scarbridge), for me for an interview with him for this blog.

On the background you can see the Barbershop, the General Store and a part of the Old West Wiskey Saloon. All from the Old West Stage Town gacha from unKindness at Whimsical (February 18th -
- March 18th) There are super decors in that gacha. 2 Rares - 8 Commons.
Nic is wearing a beautiful sexy free dress from Java. Comes with a color hud. Sorry readers but Nic was still wearing the hair and shoes from yesterday on her way searching for a good spot for picture making.

About Mexico Sonora: This sim is part of three sims. This one is the oldest, already five or six years in sl. The other two sims are already 3 years old. All sims are Wild West RP sims with all what is needed. Apaches , US Cavalery, towns, farmers, salesmen, the law ( Robert ;)). And of course a few outlaws, so Robert need not get bored. BL Borderlands is the main group and there are sub groups, the play groups,  with fitting roles. For example when you want play a Mexican lady you can ask Robert for the fitting group. People who aren't Role Players can visit the sims. The sim is extremely beautiful. There are Entries at the sims with trees with the rules. Take those rules, wear the Wild West Meter and enter or write Robert to help you. This is a peaceful sim so please be polite and friendly. Language spoken is English and German.

Nic is wearing:
Hair: Besom  for Save Spirit Event - *Besom~Sierra *Essentials* (50ld)
Shoes: NalaDesign - part of  ND*Valentina Blue* [Maitreya-Belleza-Slink] (free)

Decor: unKindness at Whimsical - uk - Old West Stage Town Gacha - Whimsical
From inventory: Decor items - AXL Pro, Chairs - Simply Shelby/LB/free); rocking chair - dust bunny
Pictures taken at: Mexico Sonora
Bye bye, Nic and a huge thanks for the three friendly men.

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