Thursday, March 9, 2017

a new room for the good hunter

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Mostly i am a bad hunter but this time i can be glad about myself. The whole decor of the room is mine after a good hunt. The hunt is one of the most difficult hunts on the grid. No helping hints ..many fake hunt items. I am writing about the Twisted Hunt Spring 2017, March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017. The vintage bench and the lights are from that hunt at Dreamscapes Art Gallery. Find the cube with the Twisted Hunt logo.
The chairs, book piles, vintage table, rug and lights on the table you get when you find also 6 stars in and around the shop. These are extra hunt gifts from the shop. I added curtains from KnickKnacks to make the sphere a bit cosy together with the sleek design from the furniture. It's from a fatpack in the shop with straight and flying curtains. The pattern on the curtain changes when you click the curtain ( two possibilities). The metal bar stools are from Trompe Loeil. Branches from Silvery K and the red flowers on the table are from keke  from Nic's inventory.

Nic is wearing a groupgift set from Precious Designs. Comes with a color hud. To match with the furniture i took ofcourse this green color. The shoes are in the march groupgift from WICKED. Hair ( old groupgift from Truth. There is a new march groupgift out since yesterday.

Outfit: Precious Designs - PD ~ Sale Bag - Watch me Outfit ( free)
Shoes: WICKED - part of WICKED WICKED * Kadey - Heels (Multipack Aqua) (gg/free)
From inventory: hair -Truth; necklace - Mandala
Curtains - KnickKnacks - ::KKs:: 2 lace curtains Pack
Bench and lamps: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Twisted Hunt Spring 2017 - Dreamscapes Art Gallery ( free)
Other furniture: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Hunt six starts ( free)
Metal barstool: Trompe Loeil - trompe Loeil metal bar stool
From inventory: cats - FD; Dogs- Jian; red flower tray- keke; vase wiith branches- Silvery K
Pictures made at: healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic

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