Saturday, March 4, 2017

ready ..start... go.. and pfff at the end

It's saturday morning and Nic is doing her fitness while tjip is waiting. Tjip even changed his clothes in the meanwhile. But that is because i wanted to show some items from the "what's your Category" hunt. The hunt has a female, male path , home&garden and Adult path. I am always happy when there are male hunts. So i had to go and hunt with tjip.

At first glance i thought the jacket with hoodie and shirt was not my taste because the color of the jacket constantly changed. The jacket reflects the colors of the environment. Today i was in another environment and the color wasn't changing all the time because the light in the surrounding wasn't changing so much. There is a hud included. the set comes with an applier jeans and the sneakers.
 The blue sweater is also from the hunt.

Nic is wearing hot shorts from the Fifty Linden Friday. ( Two colors in the folder) The top is from the Valentines hunt at Ricielli. The shoes are a gift at REIGN for Valentine. At the moment you can get them with other patterns for FLF. My hair is from MIEL. I wear this because they are good for jogging but also to tell you Miel is back after  a long time with a severe disease. I am very glad she is back. There is a gift in the shop because she is back ( shoes). Nic had no time to do her nails early this morning. I am sorry. But watch them because in the Vista hud are several nail forms. These are the very pointy ones. Killing!
After her jogging you see Nic relaxing. She is wearing a dress from MH Unique. A 24 hours gift. That shop has often 24 hours gifts. It isn't easy to blog because the gift is such a short time there. This time i write about it so you can look after it yourself. Join the group and  keep in touch about it. The tulips are the FLF item from {what next}.

Tjip is wearing:
Bomber jacket: !:Love Lei:! - !:LL:! Mens Bomber Jacket Outfit ( Hunt/  1ld)
Blue sweater: Sin Original - Sin Original Mens Gift (hunt/free)
From inventory: Hair - Mina (Harry); jeans- [R] 360

Nic is wearing:
Shorts: -Pixicat- -Pixicat- Sporty.Shorts - Patterns (FLF) (50ld))
Top: Ricielli - Ricielli - Valentines Hunt 2017 # ITEM 5 (15ld)
Dress: MH Unique Design - MH-Raisa Dress (free/ 24 hours today)
Shoes: [MODA] - [MODA] CYBELE LEATHER HEELS - (for SLFO group/free)
From inventory: Hair- MIEL ; necklace - C'est la vie ( old gift)

Tulips: {what next}- {what next} 'Emma' Tulip Bouquet - Full Set (50ld)

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