Saturday, July 9, 2016

yes boys we go for a walk

The little black companions behind the fence seem to be a bit dangerous, but they are sweet for Nic. They just protect her.
The fences are from unKindness for project Se7en ( runs till 30th july) They come in six color options. There are 4 fence segment choices. From a slight curve, to a full curve, curve reverse and a straight piece. Two post options, and working gate.
Nic is walking on her man repelling sandals from .Shi. The vest with top is a new release from Wicked. Many colors available and a hud for many colors and textures of the top.  At Wicked you can also find the new July groupgift ( a skirt/ a top/ and shoes). So it is worthwhile to visit the shop. Nic got the bag at the lucky board at imeka. Necklace is a gift at marketplace in silver and gold from + aesthetic+.

Fences: unKindness at Project se7en - uk - Wrought Iron Fence Sets - Project7 (NEW)
Cardigan with top: Wicked - WICKED * Rhonda - Vest (Black) (NEW)
Shoes: .SHI - .Shi : Centurion Sandals (unisex)
Bag: imeka - {imeka} besic purse 01 {black flowery} ( free)
Necklace: + aesthetic + - +aesthetic+ Gift chunky metal necklaces (free)
Pose : imeka - Liz pose 2
From inventory: jeans - COCO ( old /not available groupgift); hair - DeLa (Elora)
Pictures made at Costa Blanco

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