Wednesday, July 13, 2016

three for free ( just three days --- ends at friday 9pm SLT)

When you are in the Ever An' Angel group you are a lucky girl. These sets are yours when you find the pictures with the hearts They are totally free for group members. Run girls because only for three days.
When you're not in the group... group join is 100ld. For 2 gowns and a jeans with top not bad in my opinion. AND.... you can immediately pick up a lovely groupgift too (see the picture below from the vendor)

The first gown i combined with the yellow/golden bag from ViveNine ( was first a groupgift at Ryvolter, and group join was expensive) Now for Vive Nine group and totally free. You also get a pencil skirt there free.
With the second "That day..coastal" set Nic is wearing her coastal necklace from DECO from her inventory and the SLFrees&Offers groupgift shoes at *ZD*.
With the last gown  Nic is wearing again the *ZD* shoes and a free necklace from Izzie's. You may be already knew about two clearance boxes near the desk... but i discovered now clearance box  3 also. Didn't open  that one yet. Every clearance box is 10ld.
And watch here to see what happened when i was busy writing this blog. Freya April made a nice picture from me for her flickr page. I wasn't aware of her making the picture. Watch her flickr page for more beautiful pictures ( without me ofcourse  ;)) Thanks Freya

Gown1: Ever An'Angel - Ever An' Angel - Byron Bay - Mango'( free/ gg/ 3 days)
Set 2: Ever An'Angel - Ever An' Angel - That Day - Coastal ( free/ gg/ 3 days)
Gown2: Ever An'Angel- Ever An' Angel - Paint 2016 - Prussian Blue ( free/ gg/ 3 days)
Yellow bag: .: ryvolter :. Xylia Knot Bag - Golden Reptile - GIFT! ( free/ gg/ Vive Nine)
Golden necklace at first picture: Pure Poison - Pure Poison Roxanna groupgift (free)
Shoes: *ZD* for SLFrees&Offers group - *ZD* Mildres high sandals ( free)
From inventory: Coastal necklace - DECO; Beaded necklace - Izzie's ( 10ld/ in clearance box near the desk); Hair - DeLa
Pictures made at: Costa Blanco
Bye bye, Nic

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