Wednesday, July 27, 2016

les reves perdus...(Luxe Box party gifts / Hair Fair/ Has#Urban Event)

Come inside.. i will play for you...... the music will touch your heart.... it's about lost dreams and love...
Nic is wearing a pencil skirt from the Has#Urban event. It is part of a warm set. I choosed a lesser warm top. The top is from Wicked for the pastel party hunt . The shoes are from Reign, one of the Luxe Box gifts. The hair is another gift from the Hair Fair. This one is from Damselfly ( sim Platinium). Because i also wanted you show the warm set from Butterflies Boutitique  below another picture from "la pianiste" waiting for her love.... She is wearing the other shoes from Reign for Luxe Box.

Skirt ad top picture below: Butterflies Boutique at Has#Urban - part of Hashtag's GIFT - {BB}Navy's Rose outfit (free)
Shoes on first pictures: Reign at Luxe Box - REIGN.- Peep Toe Pumps- LUXE BOX EDITION(free)
Top: Wicked - WICKED * May - Feather T-shirts ( free/hunt)
Shoes on picture below: Reign for Luxe Box - REIGN.- LUXE BOX EXCLUSIVE GIFT!- (free)
Hair: Damselfly at Hair fair ( sim Platinium) - damselfly~Hair Fair Free Gift (free)
Eyes: IKON - IKON Triumph Eyes - Armor ( was some time ago a gift)
From inventory: dog - anc
Pictures taken at  Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

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