Monday, July 25, 2016

a teaser for you

If you follow my blog you know that i am slowly getting used to Nic with a mesh head. I am also learning about what you need to know to get it all functioning well. The pitty is that all is so expensive. Although i have to admit all is lesser expensive then a rebuild of your rl body. Why this talking about a mesh head while you see Nic with her well-known face. Well it is Nic, but with a mesh head. Someone made for me a copy of her casual head as mesh head. She is doing this only for friends so i can't tell you who she is. I was glad to hear she wanted do this for me, because i am attached to a sort of uniqueness of Nic's being (grins).
So thanks a lot to the secret person who made my Nic mesh head and thanks to her and her adviser for all their help.
And what about a teaser for you. Nic is wearing shoes from H@s. Those elegant shoes will soon be released in the shop. You have to wait a bit and then you can buy them. It is with a multi color hud. You can give parts of the shoes every color you want. I took silver grey and black because of Nic's dress.
The dress is a gift at the Has#Urban Even. The necklace i showed in the post before this one. The collar is also a gift at Epiphany. Nic's hair is from the lucky board at Moon. From Nic's inventory a clutch from FA Creations and a huge ring from Kosh.
The drawer at the side of the bench is a gift at Epiphany. It is a Kimono Drawer. The sakura branches and the kimono hanger are from Silvery K.

Shoes: H@s - H@s Peep toes leather ( soon will be released)
Dress: at Has# Urban - Silver Cocktail DressGIFT - HAS#TAG URBAN ( free)
Hair: Moon - Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Tangerine (LB/free)
Collar: Faida&Fallen Gods at Epiphany - Whistles Collar in Leathers~ Faida .(free)
Drawer: [[RH]] Design House- Kimono Drawer Epiphany Birthday [[RH]] Design House(free)
From inventory: sakura branches - Silvery K. ; Kimono hanger- Silvery K; long necklace - Yasum ( at epiphany); Sunglasses - ANE; clutch - FA Creations; Ring- Kosh; items on the drawer- Nonino ( shop gone?)
Pictures made in the Moon shop
Bye bye, Nic

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