Sunday, July 10, 2016

our little'll be worth it

Can you imagine that Nic is very glad with her little oasis. A cute warm place to relax in warm colors for him and her. Nic is waiting for you to come. It'll be worth it.
It is a new release from unKindness for The Liaison Collaborative. July 7th - 30th. July rounds theme is Dreamweaver. A boho, Native American flair for homes, furniture, clothes and accessories. She has decorated the oasis with her intuned benches also in colorful native style from unKindness. Unkindness is a proud sponsor for Indie Teepee, ‘Midsummer Nights’, this year, held from the 8th to the 24th of July, 2016. The benches are in guitar form (4 land impact a piece)  Two versions of each ( with and without blanket) and four color possibilities. See below for the full version of the oasis.

And i am so glad for Feders Baby from La Gazza Ladra that she is invited for the Chapter Four. Congrats Feders! Nic is wearing a top and skirt from La Gazza Ladra from The Chapter Four. You get a plain and colorful version when you buy something. Many colors available. Nic's shoes and the straw bag are wearable demo's from Orange*Pekoe.

Top: La Gazza Ladra for The Chapter Four - ~LGL~ Oryx Run . Strap top (Honey/uni)(NEW)
Skirt:  La Gazza Ladra  for TCF- ~LGL~ Oryx Run . Skirt (Honey/pattern) (NEW)
Shoes: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe Ghillies wearable demo(1ld)
Straw Bag : Orang*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe Hawaian straw bag (old )
Wall tapestry - uk  at Pulse - Wall Tapestry Set - Pulse Chairity Event (new/ 100% for victims and family from Orlando shooting)
Benches: unkindness for Indie TeePee -  uK - In Tuned Bench Sets -Indie TeePee (NEW)
Oasis: unKindness for The Liaison Collaborative - uk - Our Little Oasis - TLC (NEW)
From inventory: Plants - AXL Pro; Table and chairs- AXL Pro; rugs - AXL Pro; Hat - Mikunch; Hair - Chemistry; Chimes- unKindness

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