Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ubume x Origami

After some time Nic is showing you again a kimono. The kimono ( with shoes/ in more colors available too) is from Silvery K. It is a new release for a Japanese horror event that will start in august. But the mall with the shops are open since yesterday. The name of the event is Ubume. The name of the mall is Origami. All happens between July. 15th - August.31th. Read more about the event here.
Nic is may be looking different because of her outfit today you think. Well it isn't because of that is because of her first mesh head. I was waiting for the release of LAQ's first mesh head, because Nic mostly is wearing a skin from LAQ. The start with a mesh head is then lesser expensive for me. And i thought may be she will not change then so much. But it's a pity she has smaller eyes now.
 Features are:
- Animated expressions
- Fully Omega compatible, no system kit needed
- Eyebrows, makeup and hairbase layers
LAQ also released 5 of their most requested Glow and Essential skins as appliers. All Omega friendly. My next step will be buy the new applier and use other mesh heads.
Free or nearly free in this post are the head chopsticks and the fox on Nic's shouder. They are from The Ugly and Beautiful Designs. An unknow shop for me till yesterday. I discovered nice lucky chairs and upstairs good old groupgifts. Many presents very good for role-play. The fox has a silver shoulder pauldron but i could make that one invisibleand could use it with this outfit. Foxes are often used in Japan  near temples.

Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* - :..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(RAN) (NEW)
Mesh head: LAQ - LAQ ~ Mesh head Trinity 1.0 (NEW)
Skin: LAQ - Skin Elena
Fox: Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Designs - + Fox Pauldron + {aii}(free)
Hair Chopsticks Set:Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Designs -   + {aii}+ Hair Chopsticks Set + {aii}(gg/10ld))
From inventory: hair Chemistry; flowers - Naminoke
Pictures made near the Aii shop
Bye bye, Nic

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