Saturday, March 15, 2014

meeting in Tempura

The nice thing of the sim Tempura is that you always can have a chat with someone. Sometimes it is terrible when someone says "do you want do something"and you ask "what?". And the answer is sex. But most of the time i meet nice people there. Today i chatted with 2 people. Aaron from Arizona and Lya a nice japanese man. Lya asked if he could make a picture of me. Below you see what he made. He gave me a snapshot.
Although Lya said the quality of a snapshot isn't that good, i like the vague sphere and darkness of the photo.
Aaron appeared on my home location and chatted so much that i couldn't work on this post ;).
I took lesser vague pictures for you so you can see my Leezu dress. The dress is from a clover hunt because of St. Patricks day. Every clover is 5ld. To get the whole dress you need find several clovers. Nic is wearing hair from Vanity, the color demo hair. Very usable. 1ld and you get all colors.

Dress: Leezu - Beautyfull Ann ( each clover 5ld)
Hair: Vanity - Vanity Hair:Morea 1 Linden ALL COLORS (1ld)
Pictures taken at Tempura.
Bye bye , Nic

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