Tuesday, March 18, 2014

in the kitchen

Many things came between me and blogmaking. Apps from family in rl and in sl a woman who wanted talk with me in french ( difficult!) and wanted show me her home. She was nice so i followed her. But the blog making had to wait.
Nic shows you nice new hairs from Argrace. The short one is the just released unisex groupgift . The long hair i bought.
The black top with armwarmers are a new release from Paradisis. It is a variation on an earlier released  outfit. Till next saturday there is a promo from these camo tops in the main shop. I am glad i am in time to tell you. I was so stupid ..by accident i deleted the paradisi bloggers group. But today Ankhari could invite me again.
The clutch is a groupgift from So many Styles. The Boots a subscribe-o gift from Aphorism.
The top is also good for over a dress. See below:

Top and armwarmers: Paradisis - PARADISIS Anouchka tops and armwarmers ( promo 59ld til saturday)
Clutch: SMS - {SMS} Envelope Clutch Pink GG (free)
Short hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* WelcomeGift "SAKURA" [female] "MINATO" male (free)
Long hair : Argrace - *ARGRACE* MIZUKI - Blacks (NEW!)
From inventory: Pants - Fishy Strawberry; Belt - Coco; Shirt - jane

Bye bye, Nic

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