Saturday, March 15, 2014

skin fair and spring market

Nic wears a very good skin from Tokyo.Girl at the skin fair. I highly recommend those skins. They are so realistic. There are 3 releases. This is the skin  Inari. The skin comes with shapes and in several skin tones and make-up.
Nic wears it with a freckles layer from the actuality birthday hunt. The cardigan with shirt is also from that hunt. The shirt can change color with a hud.
The purple jewelry and skirt and shoes i all found at the Feeb's Rascal Spring Market. Everywhere are presents fom free to 5ld or 10ld. The light gray bag was also in a present on that market. The sunglasses are from Baiastice. You can find them on the counter. The bow necklace is the latest release from Pure Poison. Hair from Mina i showed before. The flowers come with a pose from Juxtapose.

Feeb's Rascal Spring Market tp here.
Skirt: [U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs] - SWM Gift-Cheapie [U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs](0 or 5 or 10ld)
Bag: [NS::] - SWM Gift-Cheapie [NS::](0 or 1 or 5 or 10ld)
Shoes and jewelry: **BUTTERFLY COMPLET OUTFIT** Brii Underground Wear **(0 or 1 or 5 or 10ld)
Pose with plant: Juxtapose - SWM Gift-Cheapie - Juxtapose
Skin: Tokyo.Girl at Skin fair - Tokyo.Girl . Shape&Skin . Inari
Bow necklace : Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Bowtie Swirls ( free/ but group join fee)
Cardigan: Langly at actuality birthday hunt Take-A-Cake ( free)
Freckles: PUMEC at actuality birthday hunt  - smackin treat ( free)
Sunglasses: Baiastice -Baiastice_Snake black sunglasses ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair - Mina;
Pictures made at: Shiva main store

Bye bye, Nic

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